Upcoming Movie of 2012 :The Bourne Legacy

What’s different about this fourth film is that Matt Damon, lead actor of the previous three “Bourne” films is not taking the lead role because Paul Greengrass wasn’t interested in directing the movie of the same series. However, a new actor in the form of Jeremy Renner who had roles in action movies such as The Avengers and Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol will be taking on the lead character as Aaron Cross.

Director Tony Gilroy will be writing and directing The Bourne Legacy with a whole new story and said that it will be a full spin-off rather than following the story line of the previous movies with the Jason Bourne character. Renner also said that the film will be a bigger and more expansive one.

Stars like Rachel Weisz and Edward Norton are included in the casts list as new characters. A portion of the film is already shot in the Philippines’ capital Manila and began on Wednesday, January 11, 2012.


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